Welcome to Kavi

Today, with the incredible global development, especially in the field of technology, obtaining the latest information and applying modern techniques has become an undeniable prerequisite for development.
It is necessary to know that; Setting goals and understanding needs to tackle tasks lead us to higher levels of knowledge, communication and quality management.
Having a well-educated and highly motivated staff, KAVI is the sum of global standards; was established with the aim of providing customers from the fields of industrial, oil & gas, petrochemical, automotive industries, power plants, mines, steel industries, production & construction industries.

Commitment to Impartiality and Privacy

It will give utmost importance to impartiality and confidentiality in the inspection services it performs,
All necessary resources will be provided in order to carry out the inspection services in the best way, to ensure the continuous satisfaction of our customers and to keep the complaints to a minimum,
It will not engage in confidential or direct discriminatory practices by accelerating or slowing down the application in any way, to the customer organizations that apply to it for inspection services,
It will ensure that its services are accessible to all applicants whose activities are within the scope of its operation,
access to inspection services; It will not depend on the customer’s scale or membership of any association or group, or the number of services rendered. There will be no financial or other extreme circumstances,
During the receipt of the applications of the inspection customers, if there is any situation that may cause a conflict of interest, these customer organizations will not be served,
While carrying out its activities, it will ensure that its employees are free from all kinds of political, commercial and financial pressures.

All personnel participating in inspection activities will take their decisions without being influenced by any person or institution.

KAVI Engineering

Has an objective approach to the parties in its inspection activities and has determined the necessary measures for situations that may cause conflict of interest and approaches to eliminate or reduce the dangers

Within the scope of inspection activities, has taken out professional liability insurance against damages or risks that may occur against third parties

Inspected products; will not carry out design, implementation, operation or maintenance activities, not to offer or provide consultancy services to its customers,